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Monday, September 5, 2011

Graffiti Removal Service in Little Rock Arkansas

Don’t Let Your Property Become A Target:

Graffiti Tags have become a major problem for property owners in Little Rock Arkansas. Research has shown that the best way to combat graffiti is removal within 24-48 hours. By removing the graffiti quickly a message is sent to the guilty party that it will not be tolerated on your property. Eventually they will realize that their artwork or gang markings won’t be seen on your building and they’ll move on to another target.

There are different types of graffiti, some is only an expression of an artist, and others are dangerous gang related markings. Either way graffiti isn’t good for the curb appeal,value of your property and the safety of your tenants.

Arkansas Pro Wash can help...

Graffiti removal cleaning packages start at $300*

Due to the association with gangs this can be a dangerous job. This is the only instance where our crews aren’t in uniform and our vehicles aren’t marked. Keep your property safe.

Call or Text 501-580-0223 and take care of this problem today.

*Recieve $400 of FREE graffiti removal for any property that is on a regular maintenance contract.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning Little Rock Arkansas

Clean Places Rent Spaces!

Don't let a dirty dumpster hold your property back! Choose Arkansas Pro Wash for your Little Rock Arkansas pressure washing service needs.

Retail, Condo/Apartment Community






Add $50 for Grease Can

Arkansas Pro Wash has the pressure washing maintenance program to keep your property looking great!

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Sidewalk Cleaning Little Rock Arkansas

A sidewalk pressure washing video in Little Rock Arkansas by Arkansas Pro Wash!
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